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Autumn Heat Wave

I’m having a Sunday!!!!

When I was a librarian, I worked every Sunday. I love working on Sunday because it still feels like Sunday, like you shouldn’t be working, but everyone is completely mellow in a Sunday frame of mind. Then, after work I would ride my bike past the burrito place in Hayes Valley (Las Estrellas–their burritos are average, but they served a barbeque chicken burrito which reminded me of Texas) and take a burrito home, unplug the phone (wow, no cellphone!), and turn on the Simpsons. I would relax in front of the television until something rousted me out of my laziness. Sometimes that something never came.

Now that I have my own business in my own building, which also involves lots of travelling and lots of weekend hours, I seldom have a Sunday off. But today, it seemed right. Only because it is November in Istanbul and still 25 degrees (78F) and it is the weekend before Kurban Bayram. Not that I celebrate this Bayram. And I’m not looking forward to the effects of sun and heat on ram’s blood in the street. . . but still sometimes you have to take a Sunday.

Too bad there is no Turkish version of the Simpsons.


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