The one time I get to eat a real Swedish smogasbord in Sweden, I’m not hungry! That’s just how my life is. . . Still I performed well: two plates of food including meatballs, Janssen’s frestelse, crawdad salad, caviar on a spoon, pumpkin soup, various doo-dads, and the one available vegetable–lettuce.
Here I am, sipping my new favorite drink–alcohol free beer.

Though I still hate Sweden (the sun set at 15:30, there are no vegetables, it’s boring, it’s cold . . .) It does offer a great selection of beers in varying degrees of potency. You want to get liquored up? 7% will do the trick. Stopping for one beer after work, but still have to drive home? For that there is medium beer (3.5%) 2.1% is tame, and alkohol frei is even more mild. I’ve replaced my one Coke Zero a day with several non-alcohol beers. I have one left in my refrigerator in Istanbul and I will hoard it until I find a supplier of the stuff in Turkey. Or at least closer to Turkey than Sweden!


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