I returned from Poland, Potato Chip Mecca, to this barren, chip-free desert of snacking. Okay, there are snacks in Turkey, but they are made of wheat mostly and not potatoes and not crispy and salty. Turks seem to prefer doughy, sweet treats. Whatever floats your boat.

And that’s what I feel like I’m doing–floating in a boat. It doesn’t stop raining in Istanbul. I had mistaken one nice day of sunny weather for spring and took my winter coat to be dry cleaned. Then winds blew down from the Arctic Circle and punished me for being so hasty. But I am grateful that it is just cold and rain that I have to complain about instead of this horrid earthquake which occurred this morning in Elazığ which is in the middle of the country and not near Istanbul.

Poland honeymoon over, I returned to full-on insanity with our building renovation as well as preparing for some performances at the end of the month (one which involves sewing a monkey suit with a sewing machine it took all day to buy,) and writing proposals for other performances around Europe and scheduling visiting artists and researchers through the spring, summer, and fall. The first begin arriving next week! Exciting times. In fact, you can see my Caravansarai-related activities here Marvel at all the excitement which can happen in just one day!


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