With a bit of self-referential, ironic finger-pointing and humorous self-loathing, these filmmakers made a video in and about the neighborhood from which I will be moving in 3 days:
Hipster Olympics

Good riddance. Especially since the increased migration of wealthy French, Spanish, and other western Euros into Williamsburg is becoming really tangible–the amount of un-picked up dog poo on the sidewalk has increased in proportion to this population shift. But who’s complaining? I’d take dog poo over low-riding skinny jeans any day.

It’s funny, though, hipster people making ironic jokes about being ironic hipsters is somewhat tender. Can I view this in a way that is not ironic? Or is it my desire to do so what makes me post-post-modern? Can I create things from a basis of sincerity? I don’t know, but it is my goal in the new year (that, and the resolution to start wearing underwear daily.)


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