Oooooo. . . this will be a heavy New Year! Drunk people barking at the full moon and the like. It is the second year in a row that I haven’t had to foot juggle or tightwire at some obnoxious Burning Man-esque party, and so I will most likely pull one of my usual New Year’s Eve stunts (I can’t believe I’m confessing to this):

*Pretend I’m sick
*Turn off the phone
*Wait until around midnight, then go to a place where I know people (bar, party, house) and ring it in.

I’m more of a New Year’s Day kind of reveler. I will greet 2010 by swimming with the Coney Island Polar Bears, go to a couple afternoon parties, and have a quiet reflective moment to set my one intention I’ve made for this year. I don’t think I’ve made a resolution ever (except smart ass ones, like trying to gain 50 lbs) but i like the idea of setting an intention. And this year I just want to get rid of the bitterness I have been building up in 2009. I would like my brain and spirit to let go of the jaded wall i’ve constructed and to regain a more virginal outlook . Wow, you’d think I was having hymen re-attachment surgery or something. . . In any case. Happy New Year!!!!


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