selpak box
While buying a building and starting a project space in Turkey can be exciting and interesting, it so far doesn’t pay the bills. For that I have a job reporting on household, health, beauty, auto, and pet supplies newly introduced to the Turkish market. A sample of this months reports includes such appalling items (which I have to purchase with an allowance,) as:

*Axe Bodyspray–Scent of Fine Leathers

*Sensodyne foaming toothpaste in an aerosol can

*Rexona roll-on deodorant for men in V8 scent ( think it’s the motor, not the juice)

*Kotex nighttime maxipads for Children (huh?)

*Surplus double sided tape for a bug screen.

* And the worst?–Colgate Scented Toothbrush with Scratch n’ Sniff package.

Why are people convinced that they need these things? Hundreds, thousands of people in this part of Turkey were not able to celebrate their recent holiday because of flooding and the homelessness resulting from it. And here I am, buying the most absurd products targeted at those same people. Icky.


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