Haircare Tips

Bouncin' and Behavin'

Bouncin' and Behavin'

If you haven’t seen my hair recently, you are really missing out on something special. It’s looking spectacular as a result of some careful tending and ritual caretaking. I don’t want to keep this fabulousness for myself, so I will share the Do’s and Don’ts (mostly Don’ts) of haircare.

*Go to China and lay on your back 10 hours a day every day learning foot juggling. It will break off your hair at the point of contact with the foot juggling chair and result in an unsightly bald spot in the back or your head

*Spend too much time in overly-polluted third-world countries smoking cigarettes and eating grilled meats.

*Fall in love and get your heart broken. The stress will cause your hair to fall out and you won’t have the will to do anything to stop it.

*Move around a lot, get infected with MRSA, suffer unemployment, or age ungracefully. Once again–the stress. . .


*Take vitamin supplements with horsetail

*Get lots of exercise

*Laugh alot–even when you can’t understand how you could possibly be laughing

*Relinquish control over anything in your life

*Pet bunnies



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4 responses to “Haircare Tips

  1. Is it your hair or your bunny that is bouncy and behaving?

  2. Sadly, it is neither. I don’t have a real bunny, and my hair has been limp and sweaty during the week, but lustrous and soft on the weekends. You?

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