A walk on the Asian side. . .

Anne's second donkey ride

Anne's second donkey ride

Today my lovely associate and I ventured to the Asian side of Istanbul to scout for a Caravansarai-produced event. Virtual Chef is an ongoing art project of Julie’s and one with which she is participating in Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture. It was quite a dehydrating adventure! But like a seaside vacation. At some point we took a dolmus to a place called Yakacik, which featured a 400 year old plane tree and lots of old dudes sitting on benches. My day there ended with me in a dollar store reading fortunes with a deck of cards in my retarded Turkish. You haven’t lived until you tell a random 50 year old Turkish man that his heart is full of love. Or just full, or maybe I said something completely different.
I posted my second ever donkey ride picture taken in Yakacik overlooking the Sea of Marmara. The post is only to frustrate those people who find my blog via searching Google using the terms donkey ride, woman donkey ride, woman donkey–which are the most searched terms on my blog stats. Don’t my boobs look big?


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