Spring Fever

I only have “Spring Fever” in so much as technically, it’s spring, and I have a fever. From a virus. In other words, I’m sick. The fever is also in the joints of my hands, which is making typing a more weirdly tactile than usual, and sweatier.

Because the fever is also in my brain, I am finding it difficult to work on what I need to work on, so in order to achieve a false sense of productivity, I decided to make a list of what I need to do in the next couple of weeks before I go to Istanbul again.
*Make a new belly-dancing/carpet spinning act choreographed by Tribal bellydancer extraordinaire, Trisha McBride.
*stage-manage my middle-school Circus Arts students in their “Seussical” production this weekend at Columbia Secondary School in Harlem.
*Finish the first draft of our Caravansarai business plan
*Start posting the Caravansarai blog
*find someone to make a new Caravansarai website (know anyone?)
*Work on a foot juggling/trapeze/musical number with Tanya for our
Trapeze Loft show May 29th at Union Pool in Brooklyn.
*Clear some space in my room for my subletting friend
*Put together curriculum for Teaching Artist jobs next school year
*Learn Turkish (I wish I liked Turkish guys because it would just be so much easier and less expensive to have a Turkish boyfriend than pay for classes at the Turkish Cultural Center.)
*Be trained in how to teach aerial fabric for the circus camp in Long Island where I’m coaching in July.
*Learn Hungarian songs on the accordion for shows in October and November
*Miscellaneous bullshit

But right now I will eat (drink?) some soup and take a nap. Just writing that list wore me out.


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