Bunnies of Spring

It’s here! Spring, I mean. I don’t know if it is gonna stick. . . but today I witnessed cherry blossoms, willows, and forsythia blooming along with green grass and daffodils. An early morning bike ride on my borrowed folding bike (yeah, I’m a nerd) with my jewelry-making friend, Camille took us to Socrates Sculpture Garden in Long Island City. We got outside early, before anyone noticed it was spring and had most of that industrial thoroughfare to ourselves.

Along the way we talked about bunnies. Camille made the world’s tiniest bunnies out of rose gold for us to wear as talismans. Though my personal interest is not fertility, we agreed that creativity and giving birth to ideas is imperative at the moment. In addition to that, I want to honor my former accidental pet bunny, Esek. At a time when I couldn’t muster the will or hope to get out of bed, to feed or care for myself, to find any reason whatsoever to go on–that fucking bunny had the nerve to have needs! And his need for parsley and radishes and kuru ot (hay or marijuana, depending on who you are talking to) is the only thing that kept me alive this past summer. His stinky ammonia pee and bunny turds weren’t going to clean themselves up!

Though I am able to wake up in the morning now without crying and justifications for living come easier than before, I could still use a bunny to motivate me. My roommate has crazy allergies, so I will have to be content with the little rose gold charm.



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3 responses to “Bunnies of Spring

  1. Jessica

    I think your friend Camille knows my friend Macon.

  2. tursislava

    And? What does that have to do with rabbits?

  3. jone

    I love bunnies.

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