Anne's first ride on a donkey

Anne's first ride on a donkey

It only took me 30 hours to get to New York from the amazing port city of Alexandria. A taxi, a 5-hour bus ride through (or with?) Cairo traffic, hours of waiting without amenities at the Cairo airport among fervent Christian missionaries saying ridiculously insensitive and narrow-minded things, a 13 hour plane ride involving a proselytizing and vomiting missionary, and an hour or so on the subway, were all it took to deliver me safetly into the embrace of my cramped apartment.

But it was oh so worth it.  Egypt is wonderful and I will get around to describing it and what I did there when I finally get some sleep.  But first the lowdown on the potato chips, which I’m sorry to report, were not as exotic as I had hoped:
*Tomato and Basil–blah, very standard
*Vinegar. No salt, just vinegar, but cool fushia and white checkered bag
*Lime and Chili–very tangy and light
*Beef Shish Kebab–Incredibly nasty, like biting into a burnt log
*Lamb Shish Kebab–actually quite good, but with barnyard aftertaste

and the winner. . . .
*Spice?! (I don’t know, it’s in Arabic)–Saffron, cardemon, cumin, sage,
cilantro and mint.. . mmmmmmmmmm

When I asked a friend in Alexandria to help me track down the holy grail–shawerma flavor–he popped his head into several ‘dukkans’, but always got the answer that they (Chipsy) stopped making that flavor a couple of years ago. And I sought the mysterious ‘garbanzo bean and mint’ bag that was advertised all over the place, but never found it. I guess I’ll have to go back. . .


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  1. jone

    I wanna sip & chip with you!

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