The plane won’t crash. . . Inshallah!

Flying from Istanbul to Cairo on Egypt Air really was a wonderful start to my first journey to Africa. Before we left the gate, and before the in-flight safety instructions, a soft-focus pastel image of a mosque appeared on the monitors. Arabic script spilled out (right to left, of course) over the mosque, karaoke-style. The older, Egyptian guys in business suits recited along as a recorded voice said some sort of prayer. We were asking Allah to protect us during the journey. Why not? And he did. I made it here alive and in good spirits.
Following that bit of cultural interest was the usual delivery of the safety features, made obviously for the usual customers of Egypt Air. It was an animated film featuring a somewhat floppy male passenger in reflective sunglasses, a dark bushy moustache with matching unibrow and wearing a striped sweater under a sport coat.
I was met with more of the same at the Cairo airport, which was pretty abandoned due to the late hour. I couldn’t figure out where to buy a visa and when I asked the moustachioed (I love a chance to use the word) man at Passport Control where to obtain one, he looked at me like I was severely mentally impared (meaning he crinkled up his unibrow and pursed the lips under his moustashe) and said, “At the bank over there”. Duh. Of course, the bank would be the first place I would look for a visa. (?)
In any event, they let me into the country despite my obvious stupidity. Let’s see how this unfolds.


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