Off to see the wizard. . .

“If I only had a building. . . ” I’m in Istanbul, essentially asking the wizard to grant me the wherewithal to follow through on a building purchase. Our start up hybrid arts space/residency/consultancy needs a home and we are fighting hard to get it, but it is tough. By ‘we’ I mean myself and my business partner, Julie. “Business partner” sounds so important and denotes a sense of multi-national conglomerate that really doesn’t exist. But then the word “partner” smacks of lesbianism that also doesn’t exist. “Colleague” doesn’t mean much and “friend”, well it means even less in this context. So what are we to each other? I’m open to suggestions.
In the meantime, enjoy my new favorite chalga video. I still can’t break the habit of listening to Bulgarian pop music while I’m in Turkey.



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2 responses to “Off to see the wizard. . .

  1. Stasha

    “comrade” perhaps could work… the good old commie way…

  2. Jessica

    Do I have chips for you, my dear. It is all about weird hippy food here in my new home.

    How’s the building coming along? I have some cardboard boxes you could tape together into some kind of a lean-to in the meantime.

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