Feelin’ Chipsy

Have you seen my potato chip bag collection?  Well you would be jealous.  I started collecting chip flavors in China a few years ago.  At the time I would taste test the flavors and review them on myspace.  Recently it has developed into a full-fledged mania nearly requiring enrollment in a 12-Step program In China I sampled delights like “Five Flavored Fish” and “Lamb Curry”. These days, I only taste a chip or two and dump the rest out–saving the bag. Lamb Curry was my hands-down favorite until I discovered Lay’s Wild Mushroom and Sour Cream! Imported into Bulgaria from Romania, I walked a mile through 3 feet of snow to buy another bag to take back to Istanbul this winter.

For the record, the most repulsive of flavor is a tie between Serbian Chicken (like biting into a bullion cube) and Roquefort (part of lay’s World Cheeses) targeted at the Turkish Market.

Why am I bringing this up? Only because I am so excited! Next month I am being sent to a symposium for Middle Eastern, African, and Asian artist residencies in Cairo, Egypt. And that means a whole new world of potato chip flavors. I have been tipped off to the fact that I can expect shawerma, grape leave, and fattah (I don’t know what that is). I’m supposed to be networking and making contacts for the artist exchange project I am running, but I’m afraid I will be distracted by the hunt for salty and crunchy!

More to come. . .


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