Fresh Start (kinda)

In 2004, I was touring around the Balkans and every so often I would write up a little travelogue or story and send it out via email to my friends and family.  This was always a major production for several reasons.  The first obstacle being my own inadequacy at working the internets–even simple email features like mailing lists and groups.  On top of that, internet cafes in Eastern Europe at that time were sort of difficult to find, and when you did find them they were full of 14-year-old boys playing video games.  But because I got such an enthusiastic response to my updates, I slogged through.

In 2006 I went to Shijiazhuang, China to learn foot juggling.  Everyone said to me, “You know, they have these things called blogs.  You could just set up a myspace account and then your friends could just subscribe to your blog and you wouldn’t have to mail it out to everybody.”  So I reluctantly got all up on the Myspace.  Blogging was way more fun than foot juggling or listening to fireworks explode at 4am every day, so I’d have to list it as a high point in China.  You can read those blogs here: You may have to go back a few years to get to China, but it’s worth it.

I’ve had it with Myspace,  I feel like being on it is like having an account with Compuserv or something outdated.  And, as it stands, I’m working on getting the Balkan (both sets) and China blogs published elsewhere.

Wondercabinet is dedicated to the projects I’m engaging in from this point on.  2008 began as the best year EVER, but ended much like you’d expect it would if you were tempted to state things like that out loud.  Which I did, because I was so happy.  My life had come together in the way I’d worked for it:  I had a flexible but rewarding job as a librarian, I was getting paid work as a circus performer, I had money to travel, and most of all, a happy relationship with an amazing man.  It only took the man bailing to unravel everything I had worked for–leaving me where I am now, bereft and in the company of distracting projects.

Here are a few projects I will be concentrating on:

* A documentary film about my rise to chalga stardom

* Trips abroad to collaborate with my friends about a Euro/Middle East/U.S. artist exchange

*Funds and awareness-raising pedal boat trip down the Danube and the Bosphorus.

*My quest to buy a space in which to call home

It will all be here.  Come back.


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